Streaming21 introduces Media Relay Server 2.0

Streaming21 has unveiled Media Relay Server 2.0, which provides a full suite of functions for broadcasting reliable, live TV channels and live events to televisions over public Internet with broadcast video quality in SD and HD.

Unlike traditional IPTV or cable TV services, which rely on managed networks and only serve a limited geographic area, Streaming21 Media Relay Server enables reliable real-time video delivery to televisions through open networks and accepts subscribers from any ISP.

In contrast to popular live video channels over the Internet often seen on the PCs, Streaming21's solution can deliver high-quality, full-motion video playback to televisions via the Internet.

Streaming21's patented streaming technology enables reliable transmission of high-quality video streams in MPEG-2 and H.264 over the Internet. The solution also supports IPv4/IPv6 dual stack network to enable IPTV anytime, anywhere.

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