Streamezzo software powers SFR’s Vodafone Live! 2.0 portal

The latest incarnation of the French operator’s 3G multimedia mobile service includes a more intuitive user interface.
Among the offerings featured through France’s SFR rich-media portal, with software from Streamezzo, for mobile devices are full-length movies.

Streamezzo is providing the software infrastructure for French operator SFR’s new Vodafone Live! 2.0 rich-media portal, the companies announced earlier this month.

Vodafone Live! 2.0 is an interactive portal service offering subscribers access to Vodafone Live! — the WAP-based portal service offered to SFR via optimized rich-media interface. Version 2.0 features improved levels of interactivity and a more intuitive interface, along with access to such multimedia services and entertainment as mobile TV, chat, blogging and gaming. Streamezzo’s rich media software suite powers much of the service, and the platform incorporates all the tools needed to develop a multimedia service for mobile devices, including a client, server and multimedia authoring suite, among other features.

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