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Streambox debuts new video transport solution

Streambox has announced its next-generation SBT3-9300 video transport system for delivery of broadcast-quality video and audio over IP-based networks. The company focuses on IP-based, end-to-end newsgathering and contribution services.

With the ability to capture and encode stunning, full-motion and full-frame 1080i/720p HD content in addition to SD, the SBT3-9300 provides a flexible and cost-effective path to full HD transmissions. It also provides built-in HD capabilities for the price of an SD system. Broadcasters can take advantage of low-cost, low-bandwidth IP networks for transporting SD video now, and then when the rest of the facility is ready later to convert to HD, the SBT3-9300 will be ready to go without requiring a costly upgrade.

The system gives broadcasters a cost-effective solution for live or file-based newsgathering over low-data-rate IP networks. Film and post-production studios are using the SBT3-9300 to transmit high-quality live HD and SD video as a way to accelerate and enhance editing processes such as color correction. Also, houses of worship with large, multicampus congregations are embracing the technology as a cost-effective and reliable means of streaming live or recorded worship services to each of their locations.

Leveraging the ACT-L3 codec, the SBT3-9300 offers forward error correction, burst error protection and bandwidth-shaping technologies to mitigate packet loss, network jitter and buffering. The system also supports full 1080i video as well as HD/SD digital and analog input and output formats, transmitting at data rates ranging from 512kb/s to 30Mb/s for HD video and 64kb/s to 15Mb/s for SD. The SBT3-9300’s Web interface enables operators to control the system from any computer connected to the network.