STMicroelectronics Intros 300 MHz Amplifiers for HD

STMicroelectronics has introduced two 300 MHz amplifiers designed to drive HD signals on 75-ohm video lines within high-end industrial and medical imaging systems, as well as in HD set-top boxes and DVD players. The two amplifiers (models TSH340 and TSH341) operate on a single 3V to 5V power supply with the capability to drive the video signal very close to zero volts, said STM.

The Swiss semiconductor firm based in Geneva, said its TSH340 model is a buffer with its internal gain set at 6 dB to help maintain proper line-matching, while the TSH341 is an op-amp (operational amplifier) that uses the same voltage feedback structural design as the TSH340, but allows the gain to be set externally.

The amplifiers are input and output negative rail, which the firm said allows the ability to drive the signal to within 60 mV of ground while operating on a single 5V supply, and enables the video signal to be driven directly from the DAC (digital to analog converter) output without any transition capacitance.

ST (which is the subject of late reports this week that it will soon work on some joint ventures with one or more Chinese firms) said in a statement the use of a single power supply (and thus eliminating the need for the negative supply) would reduce the complexity of applications using the devices. Both amplifiers are specified for 150-ohm and 100-ohm loads.