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Spanish Broadcasting System Shifts to HD

The Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) has just taken operations from a new studio facility in Miami, and, according to SBS, in doing so, became one of the first Spanish language networks to move into high-definition broadcasting.

SBS is basing its HD operations around a Sony equipment package including MVS-8000G switchers, HDC-1400 studio cameras and BEC-H700 robotic cameras. SBS decided to standardize on Sony’s optical disc system and is using 2/3-inch PDW-700 camcorders for field capture. PDW-HD 1500 decks and PDW-U1 drives are available for use at editing stations throughout the facility.

“The Sony optical disc system is in use throughout the station’s field and studio operations, and the benefit has been streamlined production and a reduction in the time between capturing and editing footage, and getting it to air,” said Javier Garcia, chief engineer for Mega TV at SBS.

SBS says that it selected the Sony XDCAM HD system due to its image quality capabilities and because it provided a cost-efficient, file-based workflow system.