Spanish broadcaster deploys Vizrt Newsroom Connect

TVE GALICIA, Spain's largest public television network, has deployed Vizrt's Newsroom Connect ActiveX plug-in for Viz Content Pilot, Vizrt's core content control system.

Vizrt's graphics creation tools are now fully integrated within the Avid newsroom environment of TVE's GALICIA Territorial Center, making TVE one of the first broadcasters in Spain to implement this technology. TVE has used the system since December 2011.

Vizrt's ActiveX plug-in allows users of the Avid iNews newsroom computer system (NCRS) and many other NRCS to create graphics for their news stories from within the NRCS. Newsroom Connect interfaces with the Avid iNews Command automation system, which manages the playlist and playout of news stories in the rundown.

Viz Content Pilot graphics can be linked to specific news stories, along with their start/end time codes and durations and dropped into the Avid iNews rundown. Once that rundown and the associated graphics metadata are loaded into Avid Command, the automated playout system generates a playlist that triggers playout from a Viz Engine real-time rendering system, with video clips as primary and graphics as secondary events. The integration allows Avid Command to see, request and play out specific Viz graphics automatically at the appropriate time during newscasts.