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Spain’s Promofilm Unitecnic builds new U.S.-based studio with Grass Valley LDK 3000 HD cameras

Promofilm US, the engineering and systems integrator, is building a new HD production studio in Miami for Unitecnic’s MediaPro division and is outfitting the new facility with seven LDK 3000 HD cameras from Grass Valley. The studio construction project, which started in July, is expected to be on-air this month.

Promofilm US is the American subsidiary of Imagina Group and Unitecnic. Imagina Group, which operates multiple studio operations in Argentina, Chile and elsewhere in Latin America, purchased the new LDK 3000 cameras with the Xensium CMOS sensor. Unitechnic designed and built a tapeless sports production center in Argentina for the ESPN network.

The project consists of three studios with their respective production control rooms, a network operation center for monitoring the transmission and reception of signals and a digital news processing capacity for news bulletins.

The LDK 3000 from Grass Valley is a multiformat camera system that combines flexibility and high picture quality at an affordable cost. Meeting a range of production requirements worldwide, the LDK 3000 camera supports 1080i50/60 and 720p50/60. The LDK 3000 was built using three 2/3in 2.4 million-pixel CMOS imagers specially developed for broadcast applications.