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South Korean TV network expands ENG with cellular uplink system

SBS, a leading national television network in South Korea has selected TVU Networks’ TVUPack mobile wireless cellular uplink systems to expand its ENG capabilities.

SBS has been one of South Korea’s leading national broadcast networks since 1991. Since its launch, it has developed a reputation as one of the strongest news organizations in Asia. After evaluating a number of uplink products, SBS selected TVUPack because of its transmission quality and ease of use in the field.

“Since purchasing TVUPack, we have been able to more efficiently deploy camera crews to fast breaking news events like accidents and natural disasters and deliver live broadcasts to viewers as the events unfold,” SBS reporter said Woochul Choi.

SBS used TVUPack extensively to cover South Korea’s recent landmark presidential elections, which saw the victory of Mrs. Park Geun-hye, the nation’s first woman to win the nation’s highest elected office.

“The presidential election was a big driver behind our decision to deploy TVUPack,” said Choi. “Because of TVUPack, we were able to deliver more close-up live shots and interviews with the main candidates and the president elect. Our viewers came to rely on us as we provided the most comprehensive coverage of the elections.”

With TVUPack, SBS has expanded its ability to deliver live video footage in innovative new ways. “We have been able to do a number of creative things with the TVUPack,” said Choi. “We have gone live from moving vehicles, including cars, bicycles and a bus that we built as a mobile studio.”

TVUPack, a one-button operation backpack, is simple to use and provides broadcasters with low-latency, HD-quality signal transport.