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Sound Devices digs deep for Australian program

Recording audio in the field can be problematic, and Charles “Chick” Davey, a sound recordist for Australia’s Nine Network, knew he had his hands full when he was asked to capture audio deep in the bowels of Mexico’s Cave of Crystals for a feature story to be aired on the Australian news program 60 Minutes.

The extreme conditions in this environment (temperatures that routinely top out in the 118 degree Fahrenheit range, and 100-percent humidity) exact a toll on the human body and any equipment tasked with working in it. Davey used a Sound Devices 744T four track digital audio recorder and an SD 442 field mixer on this project. The SD 442 (supplanted recently by the 552) has four microphone preamps, individual channel outputs, and a compact design.

You may never have to record under sauna-like conditions, but it’s nice to know that someone else has put your audio gear through the paces. More on this equipment and other SD gear can be found on the company’s website,