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Sony XDCAM technology to highlight workflow transformation

At NAB2004, Sony will demonstrate the advantages XDCAM and other technologies intended to transform production efficiencies for a rapidly changing business environment.

Sony’s XDCAM's sell-out launch, having shipped more than 1000 units to date, reflects an understanding of the benefits of a sensibly priced non-linear media combined with advanced workflow technologies, such as Proxy AV, rich metadata and MXF.

Sony’s XDCAM line of optical-disk products fulfilled the promise of affordable random-access record and playback technology long awaited by many large broadcasters.

However, the advantages of this IT-based technology aren't limited to workflow transformation as future development of XDCAM technology will be faster and more flexible than any previous broadcast-oriented technology.

Third-party interoperability and open standards, such as MXF, are central to the XDCAM concept. At NAB2004, there will be demonstrations of direct compatibility between content captured using XDCAM and third-party systems including Avid Technology's native MPEG IMX and DVCAM non-linear editing systems.

Sony also will show its new generation of news-oriented non-linear editing systems, specifically designed to maximize the benefits of XDCAM acquisition. XPRI Mobile is a field-editing application for PC laptops, while XPRI MetaStation is a desktop-based variant.

The seamless interchange of rich metadata across all these systems delivers many workflow advantages. For example, a field journalist using XPRI Mobile could quickly assemble an EDL-based on Proxy AV and thumbnail scene selection imported from an XDCAM camcorder at 50x real-time. This EDL can be relayed back to the base almost instantly for the automatic conforming of full-resolution content as soon as it is supplied.

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