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Sony to End OLED TV Sales in Japan

TOKYO: Sony is ending sales of organic-light emitting diode TV sets in Japan, wire reports indicate. The company said today it would end production of the OLED TV sets there due to diminishing sales. Production for the North American market will continue.

OLEDs provide for very thin, high dynamic-range screens. Screen resolution is as little as one-quarter that of a 1080p HD set, but contrast ratio was reported to be around 1 million-to-one, and the color range 105 percent of the NTSC color space.

Sony introduced the first such TV on the market in 2007. The 11-inch XEL-1 retailed for $2,500. A company spokesman said it produced about 2,000 sets per month, and that demand in Japan had “run its course.”

OLEDs gained some traction last year when LG announced it would roll out a 15-incher this year, and a 40-inch screen by 2012.