Sony Speeds Up SxS Memory Card for XDCAM

Sony Corporation has expanded its SxS-1 memory card assortment with a new generation of media offering 50 percent faster transfer speed and twice the capacity of previous models.

The new generation SBS64G1A and SBS32G1A SxS-1 memory cards can transfer data at up to 1.2Gbps via the ExpressCard slot, without the need for special adapters--50 percent faster than the previous generation of SxS-1 memory cards. This new feature supports the transfer speed requirements of the new PMW-500 camcorder, enhancing the XDCAM workflow with ultra-fast ingest times. Professional users will be able to transfer 120 minutes of HD422 content directly to a laptop in just 8 minutes, (in the case of 64GB model)

With the new capacity of 64GB, professional users can capture 120 minutes of recording in HD 422 50Mbps MXF mode. Users can also shoot more than four hours of footage in DVCAM mode or three hours in HQ mode with XDCAM EX.

The new generation of SxS-1 memory card is compatible with XDCAM EX equipment updated with the latest camcorder firmware. It will also be compatible with the new PMW-500 camcorder and PDW-HR1 field station with PDBK-MK1 SxS Memory Card adaptor.

Both the SBS64G1A and SBS32G1A memory cards will be available in October 2010.