Sony & Panasonic Team With NHK for 8K Technology

OSAKA, JAPAN—In four years’ time, Sony and Panasonic want to offer the Olympics to viewers in four times the resolution that they were able to watch the most recent Games in Rio. The two companies announced that they are partnering with Japanese broadcaster NHK to develop technology that will be able to deliver 8K content with the specific goal of having it ready for the 2020 Olympics, which will take place in Tokyo, according to an article from the Asian Review.

Japan had previously announced that it was aiming to be ready to broadcast 8K content by 2018, and with the combination of Sony and Panasonic—and additional companies that they hope to bring into the fold—they hope to split the burden of cost and accelerate the process. The companies plan to implement the 8K technology into TV sets, cameras and more.

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