Sony Makes HD Even Sharper

Sony Electronics is developing Silicon Crystal Reflective Display (SXRD), a new display technology that has HD resolution (1920 x 1080) on a display panel with over 3000:1 contrast ratio.

The SXRD's picture quality is attributed to density, with each image area containing more than 2 million pixels. The technology is said to reduce both the size of each pixel as well as the space between them, achieving a 10-fold inter-pixel spacing in comparison to Poly-Silicon liquid crystal display devices. It also has a pitch of nine micrometers arranged .35-micrometers apart.

The SXRD's liquid crystal material uses molecular material, vertically aligned to the cell substrate, instead of to the twisted Nematic liquid crystal in other projection devices. Sony incorporated an inorganic alignment layer to the liquid crystal cell, replacing the organic polymide film previously used to align the liquid crystal. Sony says this, and other changes, made the SXRD a reality and improved device longevity and reduced dust and contamination possibilities.

The SXRD's features allow for possible future use in front projectors and rear projection TVs.