Sony Delivers High Storage, Multi-Format Drives

Sony is shipping qualification units of its Super Advanced Intelligent Tape (S-AIT) drives and media to tape library automation OEM's.

The S-AIT drive stores up to 1.3 TB of compressed data (500 GB uncompressed) on a half-inch tape cartridge and has a sustained transfer rate of up to 78 MBps compressed and 30 MBps native.

The S-AIT format combines data density advantages of helical-scan recording with the longer and wider tape usually associated with linear tape drives. It has an SCSI Ultra 160 interface and 600m AME

"Large customers in the media content, medical imaging, video production and broadcast and document imaging fields have been waiting for a product like S-AIT, which provides high throughput, unparalleled density and a very low cost per gigbyte in demanding backup environments," says Steve Baker, marketing VP for Sony's tape storage division.