Sony Announces 3D Home Initiative

BERLIN, GERMANY: Sony announced this week that it plans to introduce a consumer-ready 3D TV set next year, as well as build 3D capability into many of its consumer electronics, encompassing music, movies and video games. The company made its announcement on the eve of IFA Berlin, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show.

A Sony Bravia LCD TV will be Sony’s first 3D capable set and will incorporate frame-sequential display and active-shutter glass systems--a method of 3D display whereby the TV set alternates the image for the left and right eye, and glasses open and shut in sync with the image on the screen. In addition, the company will develop 3D compatible products for Blu-ray, VIAO and PlayStation3 products.

The technology is enjoying a renaissance with the increasing availability of 3D films. Sony professional production gear has been used in a number of 3D productions; a Sony F23 was used in the 3D production of “Final Destination 4.” According to Screen Digest, the number of 3D-capable theaters is expected to reach 7,000 worldwide by the end of the year. Sony is previewing the Bravia 3D TV at its IFA booth. -- from TV Technology