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Sonifex to promote profanity delay system at NAB Show

At the 2011 NAB Show, UK-based Sonifex is highlighting its Redbox RB-PD2 broadcast profanity delay system.

The RB-PD2 stereo profanity delay is a 1RU rack-mount unit with an automatic audio stretch algorithm allowing two to 55 seconds of delay to be built up live while on-air, maintaining the correct pitch. The delay can also be created by playing an audio file on a Compact Flash memory card. When the program is complete, the audio stretch algorithm seamlessly reduces the delay to zero. It has both balanced analog and AES/EBU digital audio inputs and outputs on XLR connectors and provides sample rates up to 48kHz at 24 bits. It also can act as a combined A/D and D/A, and has a dedicated record mode, allowing the input to be recorded to a linear WAV file.

The delay is initiated by pressing the “build delay” button on the front panel. The display shows the amount of delay being built up, up to the amount initially selected. There are several ways to make sure that any unwanted material is removed.

A cough function, activated the front panel, allows unwanted locally generated sounds to be discarded. The dump function, also activated from a front-panel button, has two modes. The first removes a section of the buffered audio by a preselected amount, while the second dumps all the delayed audio, playing a preselected audio file while re-establishing the delay. Pressing and holding the “dump” button activates the drop function, which discards all the buffered audio. At the end of a show, the delay can be ramped down by pressing the front-panel “exit delay” button.

A remote port supplies eight inputs and six outputs. The inputs can be used to trigger any of the unit's functions, while the outputs can provide an external signal to indicate when certain events have occurred. Because playback can be triggered remotely, the RB-PD2 can also be used at a transmitter site to play an emergency audio file via GPI in the event of silence detection.

See Sonifex at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth C2739.