Sonaecom partners with Cisco to ensure IPTV QoE

Cisco senior manager of broadband and video/IPTV marketing Pankaj Gupta discusses how the telecom located in Portugal intends to use its Visual Quality Experience technology to deliver an exceptional quality of experience to its Clix SmarTV subscribers.

This week’s Sound Off is presented as an audio podcast.

There are many components that go into delivering the quality of experience IPTV viewers expect from their service.

Access to interactive features, fast channel changes and quality that consistently matches or exceeds that of other distribution avenues are a few. For Sonaecom, a major telecom in Portugal, delivering that level of experience has meant teaming up with Cisco.

Recently, Cisco announced it is supplying the company with its Visual Quality Experience (VQE) technology for the telco’s Clix SmarTV Internet protocol television service. IPTV Update spoke with Pankaj Gupta, Cisco senior manager of broadband and video/IPTV marketing, about Sonaecom, VQE and the added emphasis telecoms around the globe are placing on IPTV quality of experience.

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