Solid State Logic Chosen to Upgrade School Studio

The Aalto University School of Art and Design has upgraded their television studio and placed Solid State Logic technology at the center of it all in the form of a C100 HDS digital broadcast console.

The C100 was chosen for its ease-of-use, ergonomic design and accessibility to users of varying expertise. “Courses vary from basic to ultra advanced, so students of all skill levels will be using the console,” said Toni Tolin, the university’s studio manager. “We also do some special courses for professionals, for example a music course for classical music or rock music. The C100 was the best choice for us to achieve our mission and still maintain top level performance and sound quality.”

Not operating alone in the school’s Media Centre Lume studio, the C100 will be connected with a few fellow SSL units, Alpha-Link Live and Delta-Link converters and Alpha-Link 8-RMP microphone preamps.

Aalto University, based in the capitol city of Helsinki, Finland, is an international school specializing in audio-visual communication, design, fine art and art education programs in bachelor, master and doctorate degrees.