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'Sold Out'... Wal-Mart's $698 HD Monitors

It's always good to see an "out of stock" sign hanging off an HD product shelf (unless you're a frustrated consumer looking to get HD in your living room). That's the notice that mega-retailer Wal-Mart was posting a few days ago--along with an apology--for being out of stock on 23-inch HD-ready LCD monitors by Tatung (Taiwan). And little wonder! The $848 price tag had been reduced to $698 before the product went missing. But decent Wal-Mart deals are still within reach (and continue to be among the lowest HD price points available in the United States).

The 30-inch HD LCD Tatung is going for $1,198, and a 47-inch Panasonic HD projection monitor still lists for $1,072. Also, there's been online chat (mostly from Web sites that purchase overstocked electronics inventory from retailers) that some big-box stores may have ordered a few too many HD sets for the last holiday season, so good deals may be looming out there as well.