Snell & Wilcox switches to live production with Kahuna

Snell & Wilcox's Kahuna

Snell & Wilcox chose IBC for the official introduction of its Kahuna multi-format, live production switcher. The new system, which comes in 2- and 3- and 4 M/E versions, offers simultaneous SD and HD production operation in the same frame under the same control panel.

It also offers seamless integration of SD sources into HD productions with minimal upconversion at the internal bus level using a new technology called Format Fusion. This enables the switcher to recognize an incoming SD source and upconvert it to match the overall HD production values. No rebooting of the switcher is required when switching from one standard to another.

The Kahuna comes in an 11 RU frame and can include eight channels of 3-D DVE effects (optional) and redundant power supplies. The DVE provides up to 24 separate SD or HD images that can be manipulated independently. In addition to Format Fusion technology, every M/E bank has four keyers, five transition wipe generators, still store and RAM recorder, RGB color correction and two utility busses. Each keyer can be dynamically assigned on the control panel, allowing the operator to select which M/E bank will be used to switch the program and where it will be located on the panel.

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