Snell & Wilcox rolls out IQUDC HD converters

The new Snell & Wilcox IQUDC synchronizing HD/SD-SDI up-, down-, and crossconverters complete the transition between standard and high definition formats.

Offering set-it-and-forget-it operation for multirate broadcast operations or variable input/output environments, IQUDC devices convert SD-SDI signals to HD-SDI and vice versa and crossconvert HD-SDI signals of the same frame rate (1080i and 720p). Features include a fixed-mode aspect ratio converter and closed caption support for analog line 21 formats.

With full proc amp and synchronization built in, the IQUDC has the versatility to serve as an incoming lines module on the front end, as an HD-to-SD (or SD-to-HD) converter on the back end, or as a stand-alone aspect ratio converter, with or without conversion. The IQUDC also seamlessly handles embedded PCM and non-PCM audio and is capable of processing up to 16 channels of embedded audio alongside the video.

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