Snell & Wilcox debut variety of broadcasting conversion tools

Snell & Wilcox has introduced a new line of conversion tools for the DTV transition. These upconversion, downconversion and crossconversion tools operate with RollCall, Snell & Wilcox’s infrastructure control and monitoring network.

The HD5400 upconverter will upconvert 525/625 SD video to HD 1080i, 720p or 480p output formats and provides the standards conversion, aspect ratio and color space conversions required by broadcasters. The unit supports embedded, AES and compressed audio formats as well as closed captions. The unit can also be upgraded to an HD5400Plus with the addition of crossconversion (HD-to-HD) capability either singly or in any combination. Also introduced was the HD2300 downconverter. This unit can convert SMPTE 292M and ITU 709 HD standards to SD serial digital video.

Comprehensive audio processing is provided, supporting embedded and AES interfaces as well as compressed audio formats. Closed captions are extracted from the HD signal and embedded in the SD output.

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