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Snell launches newsroom automation at NAB

Snell, the new company formed through the merger of Pro-Bel and Snell & Wilcox, unveiled a complete newsroom automation solution based on its Kahuna SD/HD multiformat production switcher.

Deploying technology from Mosart Medialab, the Snell newsroom automation system tightly integrates with newsroom computer systems via a MOS gateway and controls an array of production gear, including the Kahuna production switcher, robotic cameras, audio mixers, video servers, graphics, routers, lights, multiviewer displays, and more.

The Kahuna automatically mixes content feeds from any source or format into the news broadcast. The system gives producers complete control over the newscast and enables them to drive various devices with the press of a button. The system’s graphical interface offers clear and intuitive news rundowns, views of all story elements and countdowns to the next story.

The new system allows broadcasters to reduce production costs dramatically while improving the quality and consistency of their news programming. The system also offers full backup redundancy.