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Snell adds Linear Acoustic sound processing technology to IQ modules

Linear Acoustic has partnered with the Snell Group by including its audio technology in Snell’s line of IQ modular broadcast infrastructure products.

Snell’s new range of IQ modules include comprehensive audio processing functions allowing complete control over external and embedded audio signals for applications requiring channel routing or mixing. In addition to these standard audio functions, both stereo-to-5.1 UPMAX upmixing and AEROMAX loudness control technology, developed by Linear Acoustic, have been added.

UPMAX includes a utility encoder that accepts 5.1 channels and produces a two-channel LoRo or LtRt output. This encoder can be independent or the same channels applied to the upmixer can feed it.

AEROMAX addresses DTV audio loudness, or the so-called loud commercial problem. The processor actively and automatically manages and corrects loudness level changes in the audio content. It applies to adaptive loudness correction across multiple frequency bands to remove abrupt loudness changes while best preserving the original audio content.

Snell’s IQ modular infrastructure products provide over 300 modular building blocks to configure a broadcast facility to the user’s individual needs.