Sneak Peeking at Cowboys' Behemoth 1080p Screen

They say they like 'em big down in Texas, and apparently that includes the Dallas Cowboys' new video screen in the team's still-unfinished new stadium. In fact, it seems virtually every new stadium and arena built anywhere in the world in the past few years has sported some kind of large-screen video platform. Many of them purport to be HD or near-HD quality.

For Dallas, the video screen is not just near-HD—the 159x 72-foot display is 1080p. (That's a lot of high-defining over 11,448 sq. ft. of screen.)

The massive video venue carries a DiamondVision brand from Mitsubishi, and is one of the first (if not the first) of its size that we've heard of that deploys 1080p.(Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke about the new technology in the new stadium at the Sony press conference at the NAB Show.)

A video of the giant screen in action showing some text footage of a game with the Colts is available for viewing on YouTube from Engadget HD.