SMPTE Names New Directors

MULTIPLE CITIES--Supporting its mission of education and developing imaging standards for the broadcast industry, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has named a series of new directors that will lead its various programs for 2014.

SMPTE directors are typically appointed by other SMPTE members that have served in similar positions.

Among the new appointees: Bob Edge, Oliver Morgan, and Howard Lukk will serve as Standards directors; Bruce Devlin, Karl Kuhn, and William C. Miller have been named as Membership directors; and Michael DeValue, V. Michael Bove, Peter Putman, and Al Kovalick will take on the position of Education directors.

Wendy Aylsworth, SMPTE president and senior vice president of technology at Warner Bros. Technical Operations, said that every one of the incoming directors already has made significant contributions not only to the advancement of the motion-imaging field, but also to the overall success of SMPTE.

“Over the coming year, each will be a valuable asset in our ongoing work in standards, membership, and education — the three pillars on which the Society is built,” she said.