Smart takes mobile TV production on the road

Are you ready for the world's smallest mobile TV studio? Are you ready to hit the road with it? Smart, a maker of small cars, has shown its latest concept, the "smart. studio." More than a studio in a box, it's a studio on four wheels. It comes packed with six cameras in a small car (the car actually only has two seats) for full coverage of whatever may be going on inside. The camera locations include four total over the front dashboard, one down below near the floor, as well as one in the rear back light on the bumper. Video signals can all be sent to a unit in the trunk. Inside the trunk resides the brains behind the operation, with up to five storage devices for real-time capture. The best part comes when it is time to edit, the car rolls up to a curb and connects to a portable editing system so production can take place right there on location.

The actual car is called the Smart fortwo and is currently one of the smallest cars on the market. The company devised the vehicle to be self-contained and provide advanced coverage to nearly all parts of the car. One goal was to ensure that all footage was captured and saved within the car itself, so producers could pop open the trunk and immediately begin editing. Size was also a concern, as this technology is packed into a small frame, allowing for advanced mobility and optimum convenience. Compared to large trucks with gear for recording, this car should be a big hit with everything from reality TV to situation comedies, any place where dialog and scenes need to take place on the road. The company has created a Facebook page with lots of clips and info, and it hopes that this vehicle becomes the standard when you want to take your mobile show on the road.