Slimmer Rear-projection Screen Can Be Wall-mounted

JVC has decided to hang it up. Literally. The Japanese manufacturer said it has developed a type of optical engine, which results in a 60-inch rear-projection monitor with a depth of less than 10 inches, thus making it wall-mountable.

JVC said the relatively lightweight model can either be self-standing and positioned flat against a wall, or mounted, similar to most LCD and plasma flatscreen models.

The optical engine (model Slim HD-ILA) entails a concave mirror to reflect beams of light instead of a conventional convex mirror. According to published reports, the design allows the optical engine to be made more compact, yet with a wider-than-usual 138 degree projection angle, which is about 1.5 times greater than previous rear-projection products.

In North America, JVC intends to introduce the slimmer rear-projection sets in Q1 2007.