Sinclair Taps Masstech for Newsroom Sharing System

TORONTO—Sinclair Broadcast Group has announced it has acquired a number of Masstech’s Masstech for News systems to create a centralized hub for sharing content among all of its news-producing stations. Masstech for News is a newsroom sharing, media management and archiving system that will simplify movement of video and stories between Sinclair locations and archives.

Masstech for News

A number of Sinclair stations already featured Masstech for News, but the new installation raise the number of stations by more than 50 percent. The system offers these stations automated local archive management; drag-and-drop sharing workflows; and access to content in the archives of other similarly-equipped Sinclair locations.

Additional features offered through the Masstech for News system are the Masstech Media Wires feature, which enables journalists to push selected stories and videos to other stations across the group; and the Video-Follows-Text technology, which ensures all text, metadata and media are transferred together with a drag-and-drop option.

Sinclair Broadcast Group owns and operates 163 TV stations in 79 markets.

Masstech is a provider of software for the management of digital media content and related information. The company is based in Toronto.