Sinclair Broadcast Group acquires Abekas AirCleaner systems

Sinclair Broadcast Group has purchased 33 Abekas AirCleaner profanity suppression delay systems and is deploying them at 28 TV stations.

The system is housed in a 1RU chassis and accepts HD and SD video signals along with eight channels of audio, AES or embedded. It offers 12 seconds of delay in HD and 68 seconds in SD.

AirCleaner can be configured as a single- or dual-user system. In dual-user mode, the system is set up as two delay systems connected in series and operated by two people.

The traditional profanity delay system switches to a safe input when the operator comes across a profanity. A sudden change to the program video actually draws viewers’ attention to the fact that something has gone wrong. In addition to switching to a safe feed, the AirCleaner can defocus the program video, masking the profanity without causing an abrupt change. The operator can dial in any amount of defocus, from slight to a complete blur.

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