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Signiant manages on-demand video for online Winter Olympics coverage

Technology from bandwidth management provider Signiant helped deliver high-quality, on-demand video to NBC during the network’s online coverage of the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

Signiant partnered with NBC to deliver hundreds of highlights and more than a thousand hours of coverage of the games to Microsoft’s facilities in Seattle for viewing online in its Microsoft Silverlight player.

There were 14 different workflows behind the scenes that Signiant’s software managed to ensure that the viewer experience was seamless as the games were streamed from Akamai’s content distribution network. Signiant’s software efficiently managed the movement of content and helped automate processes on the back-end while Akamai delivered the content to consumers.

The process automation capability of the Signiant software was leveraged extensively during the games. For example, after content was successfully delivered, a confirmation of receipt was automatically generated so the URLs could be published. Because the volume of content was so large, the automation of workflows, job monitoring and delivery receipts was critical.