Sierra Video unveils routers with single-board architecture

Sierra Video has released its Alta Pro family of wideband video routing switchers. The Alta Pro family offers 600MHz RGBHV and RGB signal routing with a single-board architecture that reduces overall frame size both in height and in depth, while providing a significant reduction in power consumption.

Alta Pro Wideband Routing Switchers are available in 12 x 8, 12 x 4, 8 x 8 and 8 x 4 configurations with optional stereo audio, all housed in a 3RU (5.25in) frame. At 600MHz (-3dB), they offer high bandwidth with extremely low crosstalk and a reduced footprint, combined with a 40 percent energy savings over previous generation RGBHV and RGB routing switchers.

Each Alta Pro routing switcher employs a single vertically mounted video board that contains all the signal paths for video routing. Fewer boards result in a simpler, and therefore even more reliable, product. These routing switchers are ideal for demanding RGBHV, RGB and analog HD signal routing applications.

With the Alta Pro’s Room Grouping feature, several inputs can be grouped and operated independently of other input groups on the routing switcher. Room Grouping allows one routing switcher to be used for multiple “rooms” where the control system for each room addresses only the inputs and outputs assigned to that room. Alta Pro routing switchers perform video mute as well as video follow sync switching, where the H and V channels of an RGBHV signal are switched in advance of the RGB video channels of the signal (A/V mute delay) to provide clean, glitch-free switching between nonsynchronous sources.

The Alta Pro’s front-panel LED bar graph VU meter allows users to set audio levels and monitor audio streams. Input (level) adjustment can be employed for each input via RS-232, the front panel, and TyLinx Pro Router Control Software. This feature allows users to balance audio levels in systems passing consumer and professional audio levels.

Each Alta Pro rear panel is color-coded red, green, blue (RGB), yellow and white (H and V) for easy cable installation. Its push-button front control panel consists of 16 backlit buttons — 12 input select buttons, eight output select buttons and eight function buttons — adjustable with eight levels of brightness. Alta Pro supports TCP/IP protocol and RS-232 serial control.