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Siemens digitizes in-house production for ITV

Siemens IT Solutions and Services has successfully delivered a digital production system for ITV Productions, the program production arm of UK TV network ITV. Brought in to design, build and install the tapeless system, Siemens will now provide support and maintenance to ITV Productions for the next three years.

The new system will significantly speed up the production of programs made by ITV Productions from the London Studios, either for ITV or other broadcasters, by removing the inefficiencies in the current tape-based process. The installed hardware and software from Siemens will convert incoming content into digital files, creating digital media assets that can be stored and retrieved from a central library.

From their desktop PCs, production staff will be able to use software and desktop tools from Cinegy. This software includes direct connection to video servers, digital archive and back-up solutions and rights notification for every step of the digital workflow.

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