Siemens Delves into HD Projects in Germany, Brazil

According to some published reports, a financial analyst in London issued a research note in the past few days that cites unnamed sources saying that Siemens has been awarded a "significant portion of a contract" to build "HD related parts" for Deutsche Telekom's new VDSL (a very high, bit-rate DSL] infrastructure in Germany.

A part of Siemens' contract is reportedly worth 600 million euros (about $721 million). Both Deutsche Telekom and Siemens have refused to comment.

In Brazil, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens reportedly has invested 4 million euros ($4.8 million] to create the Development Center for Digital TV in the industrial sector of Manaus. According to published reports, Brazil will be involved in a new project to develop software for set-top boxes that use DVB, IPTV, and so-called hybrid technologies.