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Showtime Goes Multiplatform for ‘The Tudors’

Showtime Networks Inc. has released a full episode of “The Tudors” with over 60 multiplatform partners as part of the network’s launch campaign of the second season of the series, which premiered March 30.

The first episode of the second season will be available through the CBS Audience Network and can also be seen on such sites as Yahoo, Amazon Unbox, NetFlix and MSN, television-centric sites such as and, video aggregator sites such as YouTube and Veoh , social networking sites such as, blogs and on iTunes via podcast. The episode is also available via mobile phones to subscribers of Verizon Wireless on the V Cast platform. Showtime subscribers can also watch the episode on their affiliate website such as, and

“The strategy to release a full episode on digital platforms has proven to be a very effective tool for Showtime, not only increasing consumers’ exposure to premium television programs, but also to help drive subscription to the network,” said Robert Hayes, senior vice president of Showtime Digital Group. “This is our most ambitious multiplatform push yet to subscribers and non subscribers and we expect to have a combined reach of over 190 million users.”

To tap into the blogs, the network partnered with over 200 bloggers including,, Pink is The New Blog and PopBytes. The network also has launched multiple interactive applications for the show.