Shotoku extends life of legacy robotic systems

For facility managers who need to extend the life of their aging robotic pan and tilt heads, Shotoku Broadcast Systems has developed the CMC-400 camera motion control unit.

Depending on the type of the head used, the CMC-400 series can either be mounted directly to the side of the robotic head (using the same mountings as the existing head control unit), or may be wall-mounted using the brackets supplied.

The CMC-400 motion control series replaces old electronics with the latest designs while facilitating a direct connection to other manufacturers’ pan and tilt heads via an Ethernet or RS-422 connection. Outputs for Shotoku lens drives, direct lens servo control and Shotoku height drives are included as standard.

Built on the field-proven Shotoku platform, the CMC-400 series uses widely available PC104 cards that make future maintenance easy and more secure. The series features the same network and RS422 control connections as the rest of the range and also benefits from the company’s new RNI (Resilient Network Interface) option.

A variety of power options are available including stand-alone PDUs, rack mount and dual rack mount versions. Connections between the PDU and CMC-400 series can be up to 50m (164ft) and use new Shotoku cables.

With its headquarters in Japan, Shotoku maintains offices in Staines, UK, and Torrance, CA.

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