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Sharp to Equip All Large LCDs with 1080 x 1920

While resolution for HD broadcasting often is defined as necessitating 1080 x 1920 pixels, Sharp (opens in new tab) reports that some conventional HD sets often have only 768 x 1366 resolution. When TV screens approach about 40 inches diagonally, a full HD specification is essential for optimum viewing, according to Sharp.

Therefore, the company announced it will add 37-inch and 57-inch LCDs to its full HD line-up soon with full HD specs. Its 57-inch model will feature a hybrid backlight with red LEDs and a cold cathode fluorescent lamp. The use of LEDs for backlight illumination is emerging as the next-generation backlight, but a full LED backlight is still unavailable in terms of cost and power consumption, at least for the moment, according to Sharp.

The firm's full HD resolution will now be contained in about 60 percent of its large-screen LCD business, although it intends to equip all its large LCDs with full resolution by September 2006. Matsushita and Sony had announced plans earlier to incorporate 1080 x 1920 in some of their larger HD models, as well, at least for the Asian market.