Sharp develops high-resolution LCD for mobile devices

Sharp has developed a high-resolution LCD screen for mobile phones and other devices that allows users to view full-sized Web pages.

Sharp's LCD panel, measuring 2.6 inches diagonally, has VGA (video graphics array) quality of 307,220 pixels, quadruple the resolution of existing cellphone screens with 76,800 pixels.

As a result, Sharp said, it will be possible to view screens with the same clarity as a personal computer monitor on a mobile phone, allowing users to look at spreadsheets, Web sites or text documents. Until now, mobile phone Web pages have been simplified to meet the limits of QVGA (quarter VGA) screens.

The company also plans to use the screens for personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other portable applications.

Sharp plans to unveil the screens at the CEATEC Japan 2003 industry show in Makuhari, near Tokyo, that begins this week. It is set to begin sample shipments of the high-resolution panels during the business year starting next April.

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