SGL to help NBC archive 2004 Athens Olympics

have purchased SGL's FlashNet archive management software for use at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and future Olympics. The software will allow video shot at the Olympics to be stored as a digital file for archival purposes rather than on videotape.

The advanced architecture that NBC has designed will accommodate editing systems from Avid, media asset management from Blue Order, and robotic storage from Sony Electronics in the form of a Sony Petasite archive library system with S-AIT drives. Storing the video as digital files will not only simplify the overall workflow, but will make the future retrieval of material easier, according to SGL. Blue Order, working with SGL, offers a visual representation of video stored in the archive, as well as the ability to restore the video file electronically to the system rather than re-ingesting videotape.

Bernie Walsh, director of marketing and sales for SGL, said that the architecture developed for the Olympics will be the model for not only live special events, but also news and sport organizations worldwide. "We are delighted that NBC has chosen to work with us as a part of this effort."

FlashNet is designed to work with most video server, news and media management applications. It can be used as a stand-alone archiving and retrieval system, or integrated directly into the application for seamless archive management. FlashNet provides the data management software that provides the link between video stored as files on video servers and network storage systems, and the libraries that serve as the long-term repository.

The system allows users to move material from the server to the archive either manually or under the control of an application, such as automation or asset management. The FlashNet database tracks all video assets by a user or application assigned an unique ID for easy archive management and retrieval. FlashNet is available from SGL offices and resellers worldwide.

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