SGI debuts InfiniteStorage products at IBC

Silicon Graphics used IBC2004 to introduce two new InfiniteStorage products.

The new InfiniteStorage line for rich media includes the SGI InfiniteStorage RM610 system for broadcast and the SGI InfiniteStorage RM660 system for video production and digital film facilities.

These offerings, based on DataDirect Networks shared storage systems, feature high-bandwidth I/O and low latency, and are easily configurable and infinitely scalable. These new storage products, coupled with SGI InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS and expertise in designing high-performance SAN, NAS and data lifecycle management solutions, further expand SGI InfiniteStorage offerings for the media industry worldwide.

SGI's InfiniteStorage RM660 rich media storage system's architecture lends itself to the demands of multiple 2K and 4Kdata streams. As with the SGI RM610, the RM660 is designed to be extremely configurable, easily scalable, and to integrate seamlessly into the existing SAN or NAS environment.

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