SES, LG Working on 4K HFR for Sports

LUXEMBOURG—SES and LG Electronics are breaking in the new broadcast technology for High Frame Rate, with an eye for using it for sports broadcasts.

HFR is designed to enhance the quality of 4K UHD delivery by increasing frames per second up to 120, the maximum for broadcast content. Most current technology supports 50 FPS content or less. The increase in FPS benefits fast action like what is seen in sports broadcasts while eliminating motion-related picture degradation such as motion blur or judder.

4K HFR will also be part of the second phase of UHD using DVB UHD-1 Phase 2 specification, which is expected to launch soon.

SES and LG recently demonstrated the 4K HFR technology on and LG OLED TV during the SES Industry Days conference in Luxembourg.