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Sennheiser Offers Olympic Games RF Assistance

Sennheiser Canada has announced that it will be offering RF coordination assistance in conjunction with the upcoming XXI Olympic Winter Games to be held in Vancouver, Canada. The service is being provided as part of the company’s sales and service Winter Games support operation.

Sennheiser says that it will be offering coordination assistance to radio and TV broadcasters beginning on Feb. 6, six days before the formal opening of the games. Service will be available through the last day of the event on Feb. 14.

"All broadcasters are assigned frequencies prior to their arrival to the games, but with an event this logistically challenging, there are bound to be some questions and issues," said Robert Généreux, director of technical services at Sennheiser Canada. "Sennheiser recognizes how significant the Olympics are and wants to assist our customers with expertise and equipment to ensure that everything runs smoothly."

The Sennheiser coordination service facility will be staffed by Rob Poretti, Sennheiser Canada's technical consultant; Klaus Willemsen, Germany's Global RF specialist; and Gerhard Spyra, technical consultant. The Sennheiser facility will be operated from the Video Matrix/Matrix Pro Shop in Vancouver, which is located 2.5 miles from the Winter Games International Broadcast Center.