Seminars to shed light on IT infrastructure for broadcasters

Sundance Digital’s Rick Stora presents “File Exchange and Meta-Data Handling and the impact on station workflow: Enabling the New Content Delivery Paradigm” during the July 1 seminar in Boston.

News directors looking to understand how the transition to an IT-based infrastructure will impact news production, workflow and playback, and station engineers and managers looking to grasp the impact of IT technologies on the entire station will find answers during a series of one-day seminars presented by four leading companies in the field.

Miranda Technologies, Omneon Video Networks, Sundance Digital and TANDBERG Television have organized the seminars to educate broadcasters about the key factors driving the transition to IT-based broadcast infrastructures.

Those attending the seminars can expect to learn about IT basics delivered from a TV engineer's perspective and backed by real case studies. Technologies related to the core themes will also be demonstrated.

Some of the sessions covered throughout the day will focus on circumstances and context leading to the push for adopting IT technologies. Others examine the technology involved, including networking, compression, storage and file exchange.

Seminar venues and dates, include:

  • Atlanta – Aug. 23
  • Washington, DC – Aug. 26
  • Montreal – October 2004
  • Quebec City – October 2004
  • Pasadena, CA – October 2004
  • Columbus, OH – November 2004
  • Chicago – November 2004
  • Denver – December 2004

Among the specific topics to be covered are:

  • Why IT is relevant to the future of broadcasting;
  • IT networking basics;
  • Network security issues and strategies;
  • Advanced storage network concepts;
  • Emerging media compression formats and applications;
  • Monitoring strategies in an IT-enabled world;
  • Improving workflow with an IT-enabled infrastructure;
  • Real IT experiences of broadcasters.

For more information, contact Annick Jean at Miranda Technologies.

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