Seattle Mariners use Leitch's X75HD technology

Mira Mobile is presenting games in HD with Leitch’s X75HD converter/synchronizer.

Leitch’s X75 HD multiple path converter/synchronizer is being used by Portland, OR-based MIRA Mobile Television to deliver HD broadcasts of the Seattle Mariners’ key games this season.

Providing up-, down-, cross-conversion, HD frame sync, extensive video and audio processing capabilities and automatic input select to the proper HD output format, the X75HD allows MIRA to transmit multiple program feeds in various SD and HD formats from one mobile unit.

During any given Mariners game, M-5 can produce up to six video program feeds including HD 720p for FSN Northwest; HD 1080i for visiting team carriers; SD SDI and SD analog for digital cable customers; an SD SDI clean feed for MLB’s pay-per-view programming; and 1080i clean and dirty program feeds for NHK, Japan’s nation public TV network.

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