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SeaChange captures HD broadcasts for VOD

SeaChange International has united video-on-demand and HDTV with the introduction of its high definition-enabled VOD Recording System 2.0.

An enhancement to SeaChange’s widely deployed management software, the Recording System 2.0 enables cable operators to automatically record and store HD television broadcasts, as well as SD analog and digital, for on-demand viewing.

The SeaChange recording system is a set-and-forget extension of the SeaChange VOD system. Data entry is minimized via point-and-click graphical user interfaces. The software automates the entire process, from capturing the video content from broadcast sources, generating Cable Labs-compliant VOD metadata from television schedule information and propagating files to servers.

Designed to mitigate the operational burden of capturing content, the recording system intelligently allocates video encoders to record incoming content from a large number of sources, whether broadcast, cable or satellite.

The system adheres to strict business rules based on contracts with television networks, allowing cable operators to predetermine the lifecycle and usage of recorded content. The recorded program is propagated in real-time across the SeaChange VOD systems with the same automation and security provided for any other VOD asset. Electronic Program Guides automatically reflect the changes in VOD line-ups.

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