Screen Service America launches ARK-ECHO

Screen Service America and RRD USA have launched the ARK-ECHO, an ATSC/ATSC-MH on-channel repeater with echo cancellation. The ARK-ECHO acts as a gap filler in areas that do not receive signal due to difficult natural or artificial topography and extends the coverage with its low signal-to-noise ratio. The ARK-ECHO features a UHF output upconverter, digital-input signal monitoring, and amplitude- and phase-modulation precorrection calibrated on-channel with power ranges for digital signals, with manual modeling of the curves on Java GUIs. The compact, cost-effective ARK-ECHO is available in 1RU up to 20W RMS and 2RU up to 100W RMS.

Screen Service America also now markets the products of SkyLinks, a company of the Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies Group, in the U.S. market. SkyLinks offers STL systems (frequency range 2-40GHz) with line-interface speed rates up to 620Mb/s, operating at QPSK up to 256QAM with several system configuration options, including ASI and different IP interfaces. This STL system can be used as an extended solution for ingestion of IP input for mobile DTV service when encoding is in one studio and the mobile multiplexer is in another facility.