SBE publishes policy for frequency coordinators in wake of PCN rules

The executive committee of the Society of Broadcast Engineers has issued a new policy, which in part advises local SBE frequency coordinators to assist broadcasters in finding commercial microwave frequency coordination service providers when they seek to establish new or modify existing fixed Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) facilities.

The policy was issued June 14 in response to FCC rules requiring all new and modified fixed-link BAS facilities, except those at 2GHz, to be subject to Prior Coordination Notice (PCN) procedures set forth in Part 101 of the rules.

Local coordination, as practiced by SBE coordinators, does not require the PCN process.

If an SBE coordinator wants to provide volunteer PCN services to broadcasters wishing to modify existing or establish new BAS fixed facilities, he should do so with the appropriate disclaimers to limit possible liability, the policy advises.

The policy also recommends:

  • SBE coordinators continue to coordinate all mobile, temporary fixed, itinerant and all 2GHz BAS facilities in their local markets, as before.
  • Continued involvement with broadcasters and licensees in other services operating in BAS bands to keep their databases current.
  • Affirmation of the society’s policy that coordination services shall be provided for free.
  • Involvement of local SBE coordinators in interference analyses and operating parameter recommendations under certain conditions.

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