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SBE Informs FCC On Broadcasters’ Use of Auxiliary Spectrum

The Society of Broadcast Engineers presented a “Broadcast News and Sports Tutorial” to more than 100 FCC staffers to inform them about broadcasters’ use of auxiliary spectrum.

The five-hour program included presentations by SBE, CBS Sports, the NFL, Broadcast Sports, Media Alert and the Southern California Frequency Coordination Committee. These organizations joined to stress the importance of spectrum availability and how to coordinate its use by using real-life examples of breaking news and sports programming.

Video clips of breaking news coverage of wildfires, marine disasters, severe weather and sporting events depicted how broadcasters rely on auxiliary spectrum and wireless communication to report news and events to the public.

“This was an excellent educational program and offered the opportunity to establish a working dialogue between the FCC and broadcast engineers responsible for their station’s BAS services,” said SBE VP Ray Benedict.

SBE Frequency Coordinator David Otey moderated the program.