SBC Intros 'Light Touch Policy'

SBC Communications provided details about its much anticipated telco video service this week.

During a panel discussion at SUPERCOMM2005 this week, Forrest E. Miller, SBC group president outlined the company's "Light Touch Policy" that will enable SBC to compete with cable companies and other providers, but, he hopes, without some of the restrictions--franchise and build-out requirements--that would slow down the roll-out.

Later this year, SBC will launch Homezone, a gateway that combines satellite with video and DSL data. The product will provide video to customers who currently have DSL--nearly 80 percent of its customers, according to SBC.

To strengthen its business, San Antonio-based SBC is buying AT&T and its competitor Verizon is buying MCI--both will compete with BellSouth, newbie to the high-speed broadband market.